Alternate Therapy - Recreational And Self Defence »

Children and adults with disabilities are trainable and are capable of developing new skills if taught in a sensitized and simplified manner. This is not just a plain skill development but also therapeutic in nature. Therefore we have started a recreational unit which specialises in this alternate form of therapy by providing dance training and self-defence through karate/ martial arts through specialized and licensed instructors.

The manObal Edge »

There are some unique approaches that make manObal both impactful and successful.

  • Use of WHO recommended therapies – It is a well-known fact that scientific and evidence based techniques work and has better effects than the ones that have lesser evidence. Therefore our recruitment process is very thorough and we expand our team by recruiting therapists on the basis of their credentials and work experience.

  • One on one session with parents – Here at manObal we believe that training parents goes a long way in them managing children effectively and generalization of desired behavior would take place. We train parents specifically enabling the parent to work inparallel with the therapist for the betterment of the child.

  • Skype sessions – Keeping the cons of technology aside we have focused towards using the pros and we use it well for the advantage of our clients. Through Skype we are able to offer our services to any part of the world today resulting in a few happy clients who work with us from beyond the borders of the country.

  • Free Camps – We have conducted free consultations and screening camps on world disability day, autism awareness week and world mental health day. This was done in order to reach out to people who are in the dark about their or their child’s problems and difficulties.

  • Trainings & Workshops – Our therapists and specialists conduct trainings and workshops for parents and teachers. We believe that by acquiring knowledge about a topic we empower ourselves to empower the ones who are still unaware. We believe and rightly so-“If you have knowledge let others light their candles at it” – Margaret Fuller

  • Review sessions with parents – We conduct timely meetings and review sessions with parents so that they are aware about the progress of the child and also to take a review from them about the child’s status at home and other environments. We also make sure to ask what are the difficulties they face while dealing with the child and guide them with methods to deal effectively.

  • Tie ups – “I think the future of psychotherapy and psychology lies in the school system. We need to teach every child how to rarely disturb himself or herself and how to overcome disturbance when it occurs” – Albert Ellis

  • Yoga – Yoga instruction for children and adults with disabilities is increasingly in popularity. Special needs experts agree that yoga activities make a positive impact on individuals with special needs. These activities improve mobility, strength, and digestion for individuals with disabilities. The success of yoga is becoming more popular every day – not just for adults, but for children as well. Perhaps more important, for special needs children, it can be used as an alternative therapy. Yoga can help increase concentration, flexibly, and strength. It can also develop coordination and reduce stress and anxiety. We can’t forget the value yoga can have to help a child become more aware of their body. There are a lot of benefits of yoga for special needs children and it is important to consider them all before deciding if yoga is the right fit for the child.

  • Dance and movements – Dance therapy is a healing approach that involves the use of dance and body movement to improve physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Like music therapy, dance therapy is thought to promote healing in part by encouraging self-expression. In addition, dance therapy is said to reduce stress, improve self-confidence, and enhance mobility and muscle coordination.

  • Art – Education in Visual arts provides opportunities for all to perceive, respond to, and create and communicate through images, allowing them to experience and apply throughout their lives the power, ideas, and emotions expressed in visual images. Through the art individuals can express what they feel, think and it gives glimpse into their own world. It helps in developing visual-spatial skills, enhances problem solving skills by improving perception, understanding of complexities by identifying colours, shapes, textures, dimensions etc.

  • Ayurveda – Ayurveda is a science of life and longevity because the word itself can be split to find it’s deeper meanings, Ayurveda where ayu = age, life, longevity, and veda = knowledge. It is the life discipline that comprises everything to do with life, food, balanced diet and nutrition, lifestyle, exercises, yoga, health conditions and how we approach to those treatments. The old principle has got quite a deep healing effect and several benefits. Ayurvedic specialists use several aspects together to heal many threatening conditions. For instance, the methodology uses several herbal remedies, stress relief, lifestyle changes and a well-balanced healthy diet to heal all sorts of conditions. This brings the original vigour of the body by bringing it in a balanced state.

If we are able to identify and screen the difficulties faced by children in school and differentiate behaviour from learning difficulties we will be able to help them using the right kind of therapy.

Therefore we aim towards collaboratively working with educational institutes to help students deal with problems and also train and enable teachers and parents to intervene effectively.