• The Indian Council for Mental Health (ICMH) is a not-for-profit Trust. It is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Non Government Organization, registered as a Public Trust (E-700 Bom) based in Mumbai, India since 1953.
  • Until 1990, we provided psychiatric and counseling services, and then shifted our focus towards providing services for children with developmental disabilities.
  • We have registered special educators and a team of professional therapists supported by counselors and volunteers.
  • Our Organization has expanded significantly to reach its current capacity of intellectually and developmentally disabled students.
  • We provide a certificate to donors which gives the benefit of 50% tax rebate for the purpose of income tax exemption under Section 80G of the
    Income Tax Act.

Names of Trustees on the Board

Mr. T. N. V. Ayyar
Mr. Zarir K. Master
Mr. Virendra Kelkar

Paving the Way to Success

We believe in providing the best quality education to the children. All our efforts would be towards achievement of quality in everything that we do.

To achieve this, we ensure the following:

We arrange a series of
meetings at spaced intervals
in order to review and evaluate
the progress of each student.


We make timely course
corrections towards the
specific smart goals that are
planned at the
beginning of the academic year.


Through internal and external
evaluations, the staff is
updated and geared up to face
the current realities.

Every member of Team ICMH works hard to achieve the results with commitment, loyalty, patience and a sense of empathy towards these children.

We are proud of our personnel and extend our gratitude to each one of them for their individual inputs that have helped to achieve the predetermined goals.

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