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“When my child wants bread he says ‘nen’, I find it really adorable and it makes me laugh every time he says that but I am also trying to correct it through speech therapy so that even others can understand when he needs it.” – Parent of a child with Autism

Distortion of speech can be amusing for others but a life challenge to the child when not corrected.

Speech and language therapy provides treatment,support and care for children and adults who have difficulty in communication, eating, drinkingand swallowing or with voice and fluency (stammering, cluttering).

Speech and language therapists rehabilitate persons with difficulties in vegetative functions (eating,drinking, swallowing), and improve communicative abilities by working on speech & language understanding and expression.

Thus improving the quality of life and facilitating inclusion of individuals with special needs.

Speech and Language Pathologists also treat individuals with organic and functional voice problems the earlier the identification of speech and language problems the better chances that the intervention might be successful.

With a lack in availability of competent speech therapists in the country, the feedback received from parents is very positive and reinforcing for us to keep providing quality services to our clients.